CBB2016 Accompany Programs Schedule

Date Time Venue Conference Speaker Organizers
Oct.11-13 9:40-11:30 Hall   W1
(near Gate 5)
German   Beer Experience
--500 years of German Reinheitsgebot
  BTA   Wuhan
Messe Muenchen Shanghai Co., Ltd.
Beijing Zhong Qing Heli International
Exhibition Co.,Ltd.
Oct.11 10:00-10:45 Forum   area of W2 How   steam affect the quality of brew & beverage in manufacture process Mable   Ma SpiraxSarco   Engineering
(China) Co., Ltd.
11:00-11:45 Bacteria   Free Sine Pump-- The best choice
for Food and Beverage Industry
Jonas   Oberg Watson-Marlow   Fluid Technology Group
13:30-14:15 Environmental   Improvement by Pasteurizer
Xia   Qing Pall   Filter (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
14:30-15:15 System   Plast NG Evo Run Rry Technology Mr.   Mark Tang
Ted Van de Hoeven
Regal   Beloit Power Transmission
(Zhangzhou)    Co., Ltd.
Oct.11 13:30-16:30 W2-M2  Keep it craft --solutions to maintain   quality and improve the productivity Juan   Jurado Alfa   Laval (Shanghai)
Technologies Co., Ltd.
Oct.11 14:00-14:30 W1-M1 Danfoss   VLT®Integrated   Servo Drive application in beverage industry Mr.   Wang Peng Danfoss   Automatic Controls Management (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
14:40-15:10 Danfoss   OGD and VLT®Flex   Concept solutions for conveyors Mr.   Ren Jie
15:20-16:20 Accurate,   Efficient, Safe and  Environmental -
Industry Refrigeration Solutions For Beer Brewing
Mr.   Huang Zhihua
Oct.11 14:00-14:30  W2-M3 Siemens   in brewery branch solution Mr.   Zhuang Xue Jun Siemens   Ltd., China
14:30-15:30  Digitalization   in brewery Mr.   Hasenschwanz Werner 
15:45-16:45  Standardized   solutions for packaging lines of beer & beverage industry Mr.   Zhang Chun Lin
Oct.12 9:00-12:30 W2-M2 KHS   InnoPack Kister
Packaging “Less is more, the right approach for your product” 
Mr.   Stuhlmann KHS   Filling and Packaging Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.
Innovative filling solutions for highest   efficiency Mr.   Cluesserath
Oct.12 10:00-10:45 Forum   area of W2 The   Bottle Can -
The Evolution of  2 pc to a Premium   Product
Mr.   Siegfried Christ Mall Herlan GmbH
11:00-11:45 Nordson   New Solutions For Dispensing
Optimization &Pallet Stability.
Mr.   Wallace Zhou Nordson   (China) Co., Ltd.
13:30-14:15 Rubber   Articles for Food Contact Anders   G. Christensen  AVK   Sealing Technology
(Kunshan) Co., Ltd.
14:30-15:15 Bühler   – the solution behind the solution Hilber   Christian Bühler   Group
15:30-16:15  Keep it craft --solutions to maintain   quality and improve the productivity Juan   Jurado Alfa   Laval (Shanghai)
Technologies Co., Ltd.
Oct.12 10:30-12:00 W2-M3 drinktec   2017 Press Conference Dr.   Pfeiffer
 Mr. Richard Clemens
Ms. Beatrix Fraese
Messe   München GmbH
Oct.12 13:30-16:30 W1-M1 DSM   Biotechnology enabling Chinese beer industry sustainable development   DSM   (China) Ltd.
Oct.12 13:30-16:30 W2-M2 Let  water treatment system farewell to   activated carbon or chemical dosing
- Hanovia medium pressure UV technology
Mr.   Thomas Teng Hanovia   China
Oct.12 13:30-14:15 E2-M17 Italy   Sticker Iabeling Machine Massimo   Manzotti Shanghai   Yiao Package
Machinery Co., Ltd.
Oct.12 14:30-15:15 E2-M17 Release   Conference for PET Packaging Industry Communicative Platform Xiaoping   Jiang Guangdong   Xinglian precise
Machinery Co.,   Ltd.
Oct.13 9:30-11:30 W1-M1 German   Aroma Hops and its Role in Beer Brewing Mr.   Carlos Ruiz HVG   Hopfenverwertungsgenossenschaft e.G. 
Oct.13 13:30-14:30 W2   2Y642 Gujinggong   Liquor Tasting   Gujinggong   Liquor
Oct.11-14 / W4 Restrospective  Exhaibition of China Craft Beer Development   in China   Beijing   Zhongqing Heli International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Master Gao Brewing Co.,of Nanjing
Oct.11-14 / W4 China   Internationl Craft Beer Exhibition & Festival   Beijing   Zhongqing Heli International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Master Gao Brewing Co.,of Nanjing
Oct.11 The 2nd Liquid Food Industry Cleaning   Technology Forum   China Cleaning   Industry Association (CCIA)
Oct.11 13:30-16:30 W5-C61 Food   Processing Cleaners Zhang Huiwen Shanghai Chem   Clean Tech Co., Ltd.
13:30-16:30 (GSP)   Our Green‧Safe‧Production line Du   Minghui BEIJING   ANNCORE BIOTECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.
13:30-16:30 Verification   Method for Aseptic Filling Production Gao   Qian BEIJING   ANNCORE BIOTECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.
13:30-16:30 Brief   introduction of the raw materials applied to liquid foods processing and   cleaning Zhang   Jinlong BASF
13:30-16:30 NCL   Cleaning Solutions for the Food Filling Industry Andrew   Lim NCL   China
Oct.11-12 2016 China Craft Beer SUMMIT   Beijing   Zhongqing Heli International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Master Gao Brewing Co.,of Nanjing
Oct.11 10:00-10:45 Forum   area of W4 Introduction   of American hops Dr.   Ding Huping Hop   Growers of America
11:00-11:45 Establishing   a Reliable Quality Control in a Craft Brewery Markus   Peterherr ANTON   PAAR CHINA
13:00-13:45 The   Current Situation and Future of the sale of beer Xu   Wei HOCHI   MACHINERY (JIANGSU) CO., LTD.
14:00-14:45 How   to design a draft vending system Yin   Hai NB   Craft Brewing Co.Beijing,China
15:00-15:45 Craft   Beer Needs Cultural Elements Gao   Yan Master   Gao Brewing Co.,of Nanjing
Oct.12 10:00-10:45 Create,   experiment, perfect your passions with SPX FLOW Separation Technology Benny   Van Heule SPX   FLOW
11:00-11:45 Solutions   for Optimizing Craft Brew Production Xi   Jing  Shen Yujian Rockwell   Automation (China) Company Limited
Carolina Micro Brewing Technology, Inc
13:00-13:45 Specialty   Malts – New trends and new possibilities for craft brewers Bruno   Bonacchelli Shanghai   Ziben Industrial Co., Ltd.
14:00-14:45 Practical   applications of American hops to brew craft beer Dr.   Ding Huping Hop   Growers of America
Oct.12-13 The   2nd Food & Beverage Equipment and Engineering Summit   China Light   Industry Machinery Association(CLIMA)
Beijing Zhongqing Heli International Exhibition Co., Ltd.
Oct.12 10:00-16:00 W5 Advanced   processing technologies and packaging solutions for liquid food
Oct.12 09:55-10:00 W5 Welcoming   speech by leaders from organizing units   China   Light Industry
Machinery Association
10:00-10:30 Developing   trends 2016 of China beverage industry Executive   Vice President Chen Jie Shanghai   Beverage Industry Association
10:30-11:05 Modern   Filling Solution   Sidel   China
11:05-11:35 Automatic   filling line of liquid food Regional   Sales Director Zhou Jun Krones   (China) Co., ltd.
11:35-12:05 Lenze   FAST, the Drive Solution for Beverage Manufacturing Equipment Business   Development Director  Liu Zhongping Lenze   (Shanghai) Drive System Ltd.
13:00-13:30 Digitization   boosts productivity Regional   supply chain director  Ma Jinjun Coca-Cola   Bottling Investments Group China
13:30-14:05 Production   and storage integration for intelligent beverage plants Technical   Director Dong Hailong Jiangsu   Newamaster Packaging
Machinery Co., ltd.
14:05-14:40 Case   study of optical concentration measurement for liquid food manufacturing Global   Sales Director Matthias PFEIFF Kinglai   Group ACM
14:40-15:10 Innovation   boosts intelligent prospects for beverage enterprises Head   of F&B Solution BU Wang Wenliang Schneider   Electric China
15:10-15:40 Modern   F&B manufacturing requirements for equipments Vice   Director of Production BU Lu Jian Wantwant   Group
15:40-16:00 Pannel   Discussion   All   of Speakers
Oct.13 10:00-16:00 W5 Automation   boosts liquid food accessing a new era of intelligent manufacturing (And the 5th Control Engineers Summit (CES))
Oct.13 10:00-10:30 W5 Food   & Beverage industry in the new normal CEO  Yuan Baojian Delka   Consulting Co.
10:30-11:05 Integrated   Enterprise and Paperless Production, Challenges and Applications Senior   Chief Engineer of Process Division  Lin Li ABB   China Co., Ltd.
11:05-11:35 SIEMENS   Digital roadmap for Brewing Enterprises Industry   Manager  Werner Hasenschwanz Siemens   China Co., ltd.
11:35-12:05 Intelligence   of Liquid Food Production Vice   President of Automation Division    Zhao Jingfeng Guangzhou   Tech-Long Package Machine Co., Ltd.
13:30-14:00 Big   date of beverage industry Equipment   Division Head Shao Jinrong Wahaha   Group Co., ltd.
14:00-14:35 Connected   enterprises-Application of Rockwell Automation’s MIS in Food & Beverage   industry Senior   Industry Consultant Gao Zhengchun Rockwell   Automation China Co., Ltd.
14:35-15:10 Digital   instruments and sensing technology -- the importance of the production data   of liquid food   OMRON   China
15:10-15:40 Intelligent   beverage plant and intelligent equipment management Senior   facility engineer  Lin Yun TSINGTAO   Co., Ltd.
15:40-16:00 Pannel   Discussion   All   of Speakers


A Letter to Exhibitors from CBB

Recently, certain organizations are making exhibition invitations under the name of China Brew China Beverage (CBB) or similar names. To protect the benefits of our exhibitors, the organizers of CBB hereby make the following statement:

a). “CHINA BREW CHINA BEVERAGE——CBB (biannual)” is the biggest liquid food trade show in Asia and one of the top platforms for the exchange and communication among the world liquid food industry communities, exerting strong global influence. CBB 2018 will be held on Oct. 23– 26, 2018 at Shanghai New International Expo Centre, covering over 100,000 square meters. CBB is co-organized by China United Equipment Group Corporation, China Light Industry Machinery Association and Messe Munich International and hosted by Beijing Zhongqing Heli International Exhibition Co., Ltd and MMI (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

b). The official website of CBB is www.chinabrew-beverage.com; phone is 010-66017874,66085371, 66017794, 66012114, 66021536 and 021-20205565.

c). The imposture exhibition and industry events offered by certain organizations and individuals have seriously infringed the benefits of CBB and its organizers as well as misled our colleagues. The organizers of CBB hereby make a strong condemnation to such behaviour and reserve the right to resort to legal actions.

We would like to remind our colleagues again: be vigilant and stay away from such fraud events! For related information, please consult Beijing Zhongqing Heli International Exhibition Co., Ltd and MMI (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


Dec. 25, 2017