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Forecast: Three trends of beverage and liquid food industry after Covid-19

The Covid-19 epidemic has affected many industries, including beverage and liquid food industries such as alcoholic, beverage and dairy, but chances and challenges are coexisting. So far, the epidemic situation in China has achieved a good result under the consciousness of all Chinese people in preventing the virus. Alcoholic, beverage, dairy and other liquid food manufacturers have efficiently and safely restarted production one after another


According to the report of Industrial Securities, alcoholic, beverage and dairy, as consumer staples, was less sensitive to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic. From January to February 2020, the total retail sales of beverage enterprises above designated size increased by 3.1% year-on-year, and the growth rate fell by 4.9% from the same period of last year. Grain, oil and food was almost not affected by the epidemic, the total retail sales of increased by 9.7% year-on-year, and the growth rate was roughly close from the same period of last year. Since entering the adjustment period in March, the overall correction of the food and beverage sector has been large.


“A coin has two sides, the opportunity is go to the person who has well preparation.”


Here is the forecast of three trends for beverage and liquid food industry after Covid-19 for your reference.


1st trend of forecast: sustainability and food safety

Sustainability & Recycle Economy

We have no idea whether the Covid-19 virus comes from bat or not, but both the fire in Australia and the current epidemic can be regarded as the warning from nature, that if we human being keep polluting the earth, the global catastrophe will strike. We appeal to everyone for paying attention to the protection of nature. As a member of beverage and liquid food industry, “plastic reduction and sustainability” should no longer be just a slogan but come into action. Accelerating the research and technological innovation of packaging technology and implementing the recycle economy in subsequent production will become a part of our contribution.


The fight against Covid-19 epidemic highlights the concept of "a community of human destiny ", later there will be more notices and missions for alcoholic, beverage, dairy and other beverage and liquid food manufacturers in the sense of social responsibility, and the demand will also erupt with the promotion of national policies and national awareness.


In addition, the epidemic has mentioned the world to "put on mask", and the consumers' attention to food safety in the post-epidemic era will also urge the manufacturers to make further effort in developing this part of technology and upgrading the equipment. In the process of raw milk sterilization, beverage and liquid food quality testing, packaging, logistics safety and hygiene, etc., the entire beverage and liquid food industry chain will pay more attention to safety.


2nd trend of forecast: The acceleration of digital and intelligent transformation

Intelligence, Digitalization & Automation

It is believed that one of the biggest difficulties this epidemic brings to enterprises is “the labor shortage”, but it also forced beverage and liquid food such as alcohol, beverages, and dairy to accelerate the digital and intelligent transformation, and to realize remote management control, reducing manual operations, and improving production efficiency. It is known that, those manufacturing enterprises that are highly informatized and with intelligent equipment have stronger immunity in facing the outbreak of epidemic. After this round of industry reform, those food manufacturers survived will be more sensitive to market demands and new industry technologies, and companies with artificial intelligence technology and Internet support will have a strong advantage in the competition.


3rd trend of forecast: The mid- to high-end market and the demand for healthy drinks will break out.

Home Brew & Raw materials

After the epidemic, consumers will surely have a better understanding of life, and their consumption habits will be more affected, hoping to drink better, strengthen their immunity and improve their health. The consumption scenes in the post-epidemic era will reflect more about delicate and joyful life. In addition, except for mastering their cooking techniques, people has also begun to learn about brewing at home, exploring the fun of DIY from the purchase of raw materials and home brewing equipment to finished wine. Home-brewed beer and home-brewed wine has led a new fashion.


After the epidemic, drinking water, functional drinks, sports drinks, low-sugar and sugar-free carbonated drinks, tea drinks, plant-based drinks, etc. will all become the next epicenter of demand. Nutritious liquid dairy products such as milk and yoghurt will become a must-have in the home. We think that how to drink healthier will be more emphasized in future themes.


Catch the time to make well preparation for the second half of 2020

The beverage and liquid food industry such as alcoholic, beverages and dairy is currently entering a period of adjustment. The epidemic situation will accelerate the defoaming of the industry, and high-quality brands with strong anti-risk capabilities will rebound rapidly. At present, alcoholic and beverage equipment manufacturers should catch the timing and do marketing and channel arrangement for the rapid rebound in the second half of the year.

Fast-Forward button in the post-epidemic era

As a leading platform for the beverage and liquid food industry such as alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic beverages, milk and dairy, oils and fats in Asia every two years, CHINA BREW CHINA BEVERAGE will bring the technological upgrades together with trends of the liquid food industry in the post-epidemic era.


We have opened online and offline dual display channels during the epidemic, to help you preemptively making arrangement, collecting target customer information, to assist you in matching supply and demand, and overcome difficulties together.



Although the epidemic continues, it is not far from the spring comes. Production has resumed, and the industry will continue to move on. In order not to be eliminated by the industry, please keep pace with CBB!


We will still meet you as scheduled at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on October 13-16, 2020.


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