CBB 2020 Activities

Time Location Opening Ceremony
10.13 09:00 Entrance Hall 1 Opening Ceremony
Time Location China Food Industry Development Conference
10.12-13 The QUBE Hotel Organizers: National Food Management Center of China Light Industry
Time Location Doemens Technology Forum
10.13-14 W1-1A60 Organizers: Messe Muenchen Shanghai Co., Ltd.  Doemens e.V.
10.13  @Producing and filling of beverages
10.13 14:20-14:50 KHS ECO filling technology and micro filling system
Jacky Zhu, Senior Key Account Manager, KHS Beverage Machinery (China) Co., Ltd.
10.13 14:50-15:20 Full Bottle Inspection with HEUFT eXaminer II XOS
Mr Juergen Kurz,General Manager,Heuft China 
10.13 15:20-15:50 GEA VIPOLL ALL-IN-ONE  FILLER 
Mr  Xu Jinlu, Project Engineer, GEA China
10.13 15:50-16:20  Turnkey solution for scotch whisky distillery
Mr Zhou Ming, Turnkey Solution for Scotch Whisky Distillery,
10.14 W1-1A60 @Hops and fermentation
10.14 14:20-14:50 Extreme Attenuation Rates and  Aromatic Development in Fermentation
– Case study of  Low Alcohol Beer and Low Calories Beer
Mr Simon Jeanpierre, Technical Sales Support Manager for Asia Pacific,
Mrs Shi Jianing,  Area Sales Manager – Greater China, Fermentis
10.14 14:50-15:20 Introduction and recipe design on brand new variety and product by Yakima Chief Hops
Mr Carl Zhuang, Technical Sales Manager/China, Yakima Chief Hops
10.14 15:20-15:50 Biotransformation During Brewing IPA  by Yeast  
Mr Guo Kai, Technical Sales Manager, Lallemand Brewing
Time Location 2020 Newly Launch of Beer Presentation
2020 Newly Launch of Beer Area
10.13-15 W1-1A60 Organizers: Messe Muenchen Shanghai Co., Ltd.  BrauTechnich Akademie
10.13 9:00-17:00 2020 Newly Launch of Beer Area & Brewing Cultural Exchange
10.14 10:40-11:10 Resources Snow Breweries new product "Mars Green Beer " birth record
Mrs Chen Wei , China Resources Snow Breweries
10.14 11:10-11:40 TBC
Tsingtao Co.,Ltd.
10.15 10:40-11:10 Innovation Star of Budweiser China
Budweiser Brewing Company
10.15 11:10-11:40 New breakthrough and innovation of Yanjing Beer
Mrs Wang Xin, YANJING
10.15 13:50-14:20 W1-1A60 "Xuebao" craft brewing innovation road of Zhujiang Beer
Mr Zhu GuoQiang , Zhujiang Brewery Group Co., Ltd.
10.15 14:20-14:50 Healthy new product qiamagu holy spring cellar beer
Mr Hu Weisheng ,StarBrew (Wuhan) Brewing Co.,Ltd.
10.15 14:50-15:20 Why Need Liquid Yeast Localization And Diversity
Mr  Guan Qiji,Marketing director,Joyferm Labs 
Time Location Doemens Beer Tasting Class
10.13-15 W1-1A60 Organizers: Messe Muenchen Shanghai Co., Ltd.  Doemens e.V.
Lecturer:Mrs Katja Brunckhorst ,Professional Beer Sommelier
by Doemens, Munich
10.13 13:30-14:10 10.14 13:30-14:10 10.15 15:30-16:10 "Bring Your Taste Buds to Life" Learn How ro Taste Extraordinary Beers
Related beer brands: Cloud 9 IPA, Beijing Gose Modern, Inedit, Nitro Milk Stout
10.14 10:00-10:40 10.15 10:00-10:40 "Craft Beer Classics" A Flavor Experience of Popular Craft Beer Styles
Related beer brands: Pale Ale, Mosaic Session, Saison Dupont, Aventinus Tap 6
Time Location 2020 Beverage Intelligent Manufacturing Innovation Technology Forum
10.13 W4-Forum area Organizers: Ringier Trade Media Ltd.
10.13 13:30-13:35 Welcome Speech by organizer
10.13 13:35-14:05 Milk beverage industry situation and future trend
Mr. Bin Zhang, HALMANA, CEO
10.13 14:05-14:35 How does the beverage industry realize intelligent manufacturing/Lean production
Mr. Tonii YAN,Industics , VP/Partner
10.13 14:35-15:05 Advanced processing technology/process in Dairy industry
10.13 15:05-15:35 Application of ultra high pressure technology in beverage industry
Dr. Wei Zhao,School of Food Science and Technology , Jiangnan University Professor
10.13 15:35-16:05 Dairy/beverage product quality safety and cold chain system construction
Mr. Junjiang Chen,General Director of Planning, Want Want Group
Time Location CBB 2020 InnoSolution Mart
10.13-16 W1-1B61 Organizers: Messe Muenchen Shanghai Co., Ltd.
KHS Innofill Can DVD
KHS Beverage Machinery (China) Co., Ltd.
GEA “plug & win” centrifuge skids for craft brewers
GEA China
XTRA rotary blowing system
SIPA Machinery Hangzhou Co.,Ltd.
Double Seat valve block,Pneumatic valve,Ai applying in Proceing
Liquid Yeast
Joyferm Labs
Time Location CBB 2020 International Beverage Innovation & Concept Forum
10.14 10:00-12:30 W1-M1 Meeting room Organizers:Shanghai Beverage Association,Messe Muenchen Shanghai Co.,Ltd
Time Location International forum on traditional fermentation food(IFTFF)
10.14-15 The QUBE Hotel Organizers: China National Research Institute of Food & Fermentation Industries
Time Location The 2nd Enlarged Meeting of the 6th Council of China Light Industry Machinery Association
10.14 W4-Forum area Organizers: China Light Industry Machinery Association
10.14 13:30-14:50 The 2nd Enlarged Meeting of the 6th Council of China Light Industry Machinery Association
10.14 14:50-15:15 Top 100 in Light Industry Science and Technology Enterprises;
Top 50 in Light Industry Equipment Manufacturing Enterprises;
Top 10 in China Liquid Food Machinery Industry, Pulp and Paper Machinery Industry, Washing Machinery Industry, and Craft Beer Equipment Industry
10.14 15:15-15:55 "CBB Cup" awarding
10.14 15:55-16:10 Summary
Time Location 2020 China International Craft Beer Summit Forum
10.14-15 W1-Forum area Organizers: Beijing Zhongqing Heli International Exhibition Co., Ltd.  Messe Muenchen Shanghai Co., Ltd.
10.14 13:05-13:35 Solutions of Wheat Ale Yeast in Beer Brewing from Angel and Bright Yeast
angelyeast co.LTD
10.14 13:35-14:05 Applications of Veolia Advanced Technologies & Services in Brewery Industry
Veolia Water Solutions & Technologies (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Johnny YU
10.14 14:05-14:35 “Value-added conveyance layout solutions in brew, beverage industry”
10.14 14:35-15:05 How many holes of barreled beer have you stepped on these years?
10.14 15:05-15:35 《CAN TO THE FUTURE》
NACY, ORG Technology Co., Ltd.
10.15 13:05-13:35 The Impact of New Technology on The Sales Model of Draught Beer
Max, Talos Technology Corporation
10.15 13:35-14:05 The research and development of four beauties’ fruit ciders
10.15 14:05-14:35 Catching the world craft brewing trend with Kalsec solution
Mr. Guo Chaowu, Kalsec Hops Commercial Director of APAC
10.15 14:35-15:05 New Hopsteiner Hop Varieties and Craft Beer Market Analysis in 2020
Ms. Sui Li, Steiner Hops (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd.
10.15 15:05-15:35 New craft beer retail terminals
Shen Kai
Time Location Beverage & Brewery & Dairy etc  plants multipie secondary packaging solutions.
Time Location  
10.14  11:00 W5-M8 Meeting room Speech: GUANGDONG NOCA FLUID TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD.
Time Location 2020 Intelligent Manufacturing Technology Forum for China Liquid Food Equipment
10.15 W4-Forum area Organizers: China Light Industry Machinery Association
10.15 09:30-09:35 Opening speech
Wang Xin
Vice Chairman and Secretary General
China Light Industry Machinery Association
10.15 09:35-09:55 Speeding up the pace of intelligent manufacturing & promoting the high-quality development of liquid food equipment
Lu Dangjun
Executive Director and General Manager
China United Equipment Group Co., Ltd.
10.15 09:55-10:15 Development trend and frontier technology of liquid food technology progress
Liu Donghong
Vice President
College of Biosystems Engineering and Food Science, Zhejiang University
10.15 10:15-10:35 Automation and information technology lead packaging to full efficiency
Zhuang Tao
ZBS-Packaging Director
Anheuser-Busch APAC
10.15 10:35-10:55 Industry actuality and development trend of beverage industry in post epidemic era
Yin Xiongfei
General Manager of Precision Machinery Company and President of Electromechanical Research Institute
Hangzhou Wahaha Group Co., Ltd
10.15 10:55-11:15 Intelligent and flexible filling technology for future market
Wu Renbo
General Manager
Hangzhou Youngsun Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.
10.15 11:15-11:35 Production and storage integration leads the future intelligent liquid packaging industry
Dong Hailong
Technical Director
Jiangsu Newamstar Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.
10.15 11:35-11:55 Flexible manufacturing for the future
Yu Liang
Sales Manager of Digital Solutions
Krones China
10.15 11:55-12:15 Aseptic filling technology with small-batches but high frequency for market demand
Xu Ren
Director and Deputy General Manager
Hangzhou Zhongya Machinery Co., Ltd.
10.15 13:30-13:35 Opening speech
Huang Zhigang
Secretary of the Party committee of School of Materials and Mechanical Engineering
Beijing Technology and Business University
10.15 13:35-13:55 Innovative technology and products of Lehui International beer, beverage, and dairy machinery
Huang Yuening,
Vice Chairman and General Manager
Ningbo Lehui International Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd.
10.15 13:55-14:15 W4-Forum area Expand new market— KHS’s innovative technology enables beer and beverage industry to “equip” the future
Zu Manyou
Sales Director
KHS Beverage Machinery (China) Co., Ltd.
10.15 14:15-14:35 Flexible and intelligent solution of beer and beverage can filling and packaging production line facing supply-side reform
He Sheng
Sales Director
Hefei Zhongchen Light Industrial Machinery Co., Ltd.
10.15 14:35-14:55 Digitization, energy-efficiency and safety solutions for food and packaging industry provided by FESTO
Ye Ji
Sales Director of food and packaging industry, Greater China
FESTO (China) Co., Ltd
10.15 14:55-15:15 Production and sales solution for large package water
Liang min
Tech-long Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd.
10.15 15:15-15:35 Future development trend of beverage packaging and high quality development of enterprises
Jiang Xiaoping
General Manager
GDXL Precision Machinery Co., Ltd.
10.15 15:35-15:55 How to build a digital factory in food and beverage industry
Ao Legen
Vice General Manager
Inner Monglia LingYi High Tech (Group) Co,.Ltd
10.15 15:55-16:15 Provide the best equipment solution for beverage enterprises in functional nutrition beverage
Liu Jia
Director of Food Science and Engineering Collaborative Innovation Center
Beijing Institute of Collaborative Innovation
10.15 16:15-16:30 Summary
Professor Ji Zhicheng
Former Vice President of Jiangnan University
Deputy Director of Science and Technology Working Committee of China Light Industry Machinery Association
Time Location Production and Demand Exchange Meeting for Sheet Metal Parts Enterprises
10.16 10:00 W4-Forum area Organizers: China Light Industry Machinery Association