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Non-alcoholic Beverage | Innovative Technology and Tendency will showcase on CBB 2020

Recycling plastic-reduction and sustainability

Global environmental pollution and plastic waste are gestating a "New Plastic Economy". Non-alcoholic Beverage containers and packaging, as indispensable components in the manufacturing process of beverages, are concentrating on the source through technological innovation, researching and developing recyclable, reusable and degradable plastic materials to promote the recycling of plastics in the economy.


CBB 2020 will present innovative solutions for packaging technology and production processes in circular economy and green economy, and provide non-alcoholic beverage manufacturers with production equipment and new technologies throughout sustainable development, especially the technological innovation of: PET packaging technology, paper packaging technology, new material technology, and etc. in global plastic reduction, in order to encourage the transformation and upgrade of Chinese liquid food and beverage industry.

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Health and safety for new beverages

Non-alcoholic beverages have evolved from soda to a new variety of beverages. Beverage consumers are moving towards youthful, transparent packaging and healthier consumption. The new beverages are rich in taste and diverse in type, thus make them very popular in the market. The richness of beverages places extremely high demands on production equipment, such as: hygiene, filling accuracy, temperature, aseptic technology, etc.


CBB 2020 shows the theme of food and safety, with high standards of hygienic design, sterilization and pollution-free technology penetration, displaying sensitive non-alcoholic beverages beverage (pure fruit juices, fruit juice beverages, carbonated beverages, functional beverages, tea drinks, etc.), carbonated beverages and other production fields .




Smarter and more flexibility

Non-alcoholic beverages, whether carbonated drinks, fruit juices, vegetable protein drinks or functional, sports drinks, are all exploring personalized, diverse flavors and packaging. The arrival of the ‘Z’ era, has made the beverage industry to continuously add consumption scenarios other than "tasty", that is, "both tasty and fun".


In order to adapt to the rapid upgrade of products, CBB 2020 will present another trend in the non-alcoholic beverage industry--high flexibility, helping beverage manufacturers to seize the consumers’ preferences that are changing with time. Such as: integrated, multi-purpose, multi-functional, flexible and scalable modules and other efficient and low-power intelligent system solutions, CBB 2020 will sure be worth looking forward to.


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See more innovative technology and tendency on Asia’s leading fair

CBB 2020 will show more innovative technology and tendency in beverage and liquid food industry. For non-alcoholic beverage industry, decision-makers from Coca-Cola, Pepsi, Nestlé, Uni-President, Wahaha, Huiyuan, Nongfu Spring, Want Want, C'estbon, and Wang Laoji have been invited to visit on CBB 2018. And for concurrent events, CBB 2020 will once again focusing on the hot topic of beverage and liquid food industry.


In addition, Mengniu, Yili, Guangming, Tianrun, Weiwei and many other excellent dairy companies are also committed to the development of the non-alcoholic beverage market, paying attention to visit the next CBB.

It is believed that CBB 2020 will once again witness the market development, innovation trends and future challenges of the beverage and liquid food industry including wine, dairy products, condiments and edible oil.


CBB 2018 onsite


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About CBB 2020

CHINA BREW CHINA BEVERAGE (CBB) has today grown to be the leading trade show for beverage, other liquid food technologies and equipments in Asia since its debut in 1995. Held every two years, CBB has been taken place thirteen editions.


Organized by China National United Equipment Group Corp., China Light Industry Machinery Association, and Messe München, co-organized by Beijing Zhongqing Heli International Exhibition Co., Ltd. and Messe Muenchen Shanghai Co., Ltd., oversea supported by VDMA, CBB gets high reputation in beverage and liquid food industry. It covers the entire range of manufacturing, distribution and services for alcoholic beverages, non-alcoholic beverages, milk and dairy, oils and fats and etc., including their manufacturing, packaging as well as parts, containers, raw materials and additives. It is a must-go gathering place for liquid food intelligent manufacturing, industry 4.0, innovative packaging, food safety and health, energy efficiency management, plastic reduction and sustainable development, and new technologies and equipments during the show provide participants a unique communication opportunity.



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