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Global demand for machinery high - focus on sustainability, water management and digitalization

As the world’s leading trade fair for the beverage and liquid food industry, drinktec will kick off in Munich Exhibition Center on September 12-16, 2022. Recently, drinktec Virtual Roadshow organized by VDMA and Messe München was successfully held with the Asia stop introducing the latest development of the international beverage market as well as the trade show. Let’s check it out!

01. Global demand for machinery high

According to the German Engineering Federation (VDMA), after a decline in the global trade volume of food processing and packaging machinery in 2020 by about 5 percent to 47 billion USD as a result of the Corona pandemic, the international foreign trade increased again significantly in 2021 and will rise by 8 percent to a value of 51 billion USD, based on preliminary data.



45 percent of the food processing and packaging machinery traded worldwide is supplied to European countries, 32 percent of which to the European Union. The second most important sales region is Asia with a share of 20 percent. This is followed by North America with 16 percent, Latin America with 7 percent, Africa with 6 percent, the Middle East with 4 percent and Australia/Oceania with 2 percent.



With an average export ratio of 84 percent and a share of the global trade volume of 21 percent in 2021, German companies in the food and packaging machinery sector lead the field, closely followed by Italy with a 20 percent share. China, the Netherlands, the USA, Switzerland, Japan, France, Spain and Denmark follow in a considerable distance with shares of international foreign trade between 6 and 2 percent. These and many other supplier countries will be presenting their innovations to experts from all over the world at drinktec 2022.



02. Asia: Rising beverage consumption drives investments

The market potential for the supplier industry in the Asian markets is very positive. This is how the German Engineering Federation (VDMA) assessed the prospects at the online press conference for drinktec 2022.  According to the VDMA Food Processing and Packaging Machinery Association, the global sales volume of soft drinks will increase by 19 percent to 848 billion liters by 2026. Asia accounts for almost one-third of total soft drink consumption. The region is also expected to see the strongest growth rate in the period 2021 to 2026. According to   Euromonitor International, soft drink sales will increase by 27 percent to 259 billion liters during this period.



Bottled water accounts for more than half of these sales, followed by carbonated beverages and tea-based beverages. The highest growth     momentum is expected for water (up 37 percent) and energy drinks (up 34 percent) and carbonated beverages (up 24 percent). Within the Asia region, China is the most important single market for soft drinks,  accounting for 45 percent of total sales. It is followed by India, Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, Philippines, Republic of Korea.



According to VDMA estimates, the rising consumption of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages will result in further investments in machinery and equipment to establish and expand production capacities. In the period from 2019 to 2021, machinery and equipment for food processing and packaging worth more than US$6 billion was shipped to Asia from Germany alone. Total Asian imports of food processing and packaging machinery and equipment have been between US$11 billion and US$12 billion per year in recent years. Germany, Italy and China are the most important supplier countries for most countries in the Asia region.



03. Sustainability, water management and digitalization

Sustainability and sustainable production are becoming increasingly important  in politics, in companies, in society and among consumers. The Paris Climate Agreement and the European Green Deal set ambitious targets for a climate-neutral production. Many companies in the beverage and liquid food industry - also outside Europe - are setting their own sustainability targets.


In Europe and many non-European countries, plastic packaging is the subject of intense discussion in politics and society and has created pressure for action among consumer goods manufacturers in the direction of sustainability and packaging reduction. Machine manufacturers support their customers' sustainable packaging strategies: They offer machine solutions for the reduced use of packaging material, for the use of packaging material with a higher recycled content, mono films or thin films. Research is also being carried out into the possibility of using bioplastics.



Water and water managment are of particular importance in the beverage industry, because water resources are an important component in beverage production, in cleaning as well as in PET production. The reduction of water consumption, both as product water and as process water, is high on the agenda of beverage producers worldwide and is constantly being driven forward. Technology providers offer numerous starting points for the efficient  use of water. Digital tools help to document water use in detail and reduce waste. Water recirculation systems enable process water to be recycled. To reduce water consumption in cleaning processes, automated and intelligent systems enable the detection of contamination levels.



The focus of digititalization and digital transformation at drinktec is on stable   processes, increased efficiency, product safety and transparency throughout the  entire manufacturing and packaging process. The aim is to continuously improve the availability, performance and safety of machines and systems. Networked process chains, machine communication via interfaces, process data evaluation in real time serve to increase plant efficiency (OEE), optimize the use of resources and make plant utilization more flexible. In terms of service, digitization offers many opportunities. Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance have become important components of digital value-added services and continue to gain in importance. In the Corona pandemic, the ability of the mechanical engineering industry to offer customers remote support through to virtual commissioning of new plants turned out as a success factor.



On September 12-16, 2022, drinktec will focus on key topics such as sustainability, water management and digitalization, gathering the notable manufacturers and suppliers all over the world within the 12 exhibition halls of A3-A6, B3-B6, C3-C6, presenting the high-tech products and technologies covering the whole beverage and liquid food chain.


Exhibition Layout 2022


Worth to mention that, drintec 2022 received the continually strong  demand for floor space from exhibitors in Germany and abroad with a booking status of 90 percent of the floor space at the beginning of the year. Industrial giants including KHS, KRONES, Sidel, HEUFT, SIEMENTS, GEA will all make their presence. Chinese exhibitors are also expected to showcase their innovations.


Partial Exhibitors

At present, Germany has alleviated its epidemic restrictions, and the organizer Messe München has rich experience in successfully holding exhibitions during special periods. "We are doing very well on the whole. The who’s-who of the industry will be present, all the key players will be there," Petra Westphal, drinktec Exhibition Director said with great confidence, "As usual, drinktec will cover the entire range of the industry – with exhibits, networking platforms or conferences and forums." See you in drinktec 2022!


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